Many voices support Wisconsin workers!

Saturday’s crowd the most massive!

Susan Ruggles of Milwaukee has been dutifully photographing the events in Madison, and she claimed that Saturday’s protest was the biggest yet.  She said further:

The whole world is now watching the historic protests in Madison against Scott Walker’s attempt to take away the fundamental right of Wisconsin public employees to form unions.  Saturday’s protests were the largest yet — more than 75,000 people marched around the Capitol and held two huge rallies, vastly outnumbering the small pro-Walker Tea Party contingent.

And the momentum is still building!  See her pictures by clicking here.


Paul Krugman says it best

No one seems to say it better than New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, a Pulitzer Prize winning economist from Princeton.  Read this great opinion piece this morning by Krugman who gets right to the heart of why Scott Walker wants to halt collective bargaining.

Also, Paul Krugman can be viewed on discussing the formation of the middle class, the union’s role in forming the middle class, and the growth of inequality in the US.  Krugman points out that the decline in unions is unique to the US and ends by noting that the highest paid hedge fund manager in 2006 made the same as all 80,000 NYC teachers make in three years.  It’s 7:30 minutes long and worth every minute of it.  View it here:  Paul Krugman speaks out


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says Walker has set off ‘ideological war’

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Monday accused Gov. Scott Walker of setting off “an ideological war” by demanding an end to most public worker collective bargaining rights.  Read more . . .


What do conservatives really want?

WLHS Board Member Jim Reiland forwarded this comment from Truthout.Org.  By George Lakoff is Goldman Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley. It’s worth reading.

“The central issue in our political life is not being discussed. At stake is the moral basis of American democracy.

The individual issues are all too real: assaults on unions, public employees, women’s rights, immigrants, the environment, health care, voting rights, food safety, pensions, prenatal care, science, public broadcasting and on and on.

Budget deficits are a ruse, as we’ve seen in Wisconsin, where the Governor turned a surplus into a deficit by providing corporate tax breaks, and then used the deficit as a ploy to break the unions, not just in Wisconsin, but seeking to be the first domino in a nationwide conservative movement.  Read more . . .


Lincoln set example as ‘runaway legislator’

The Wisconsin 14 weren’t the first to go in hiding to prevent an onerous piece of legislation to be rammed through a State Legislature.  Read this report from Milwakee Magazine’s “News Bug” blog.


Would FDR have changed his mind about public worker unions??

Opponents of unions and workers have dragged out an old quote from President Franklin D. Roosevelt indicating he opposed the right of public employees to unionize.  Georgetown University professor Joseph McCartin, author of “Labor’s Great War: The Struggle for Industrial Democracy and the Origins of Modern American Labor Relations, 1912-21” and an expert in the history of public sector unions, was interviewed by and feels that by the 1950s, FDR would have been a supporter.  Read more.