Labor History Books, CDs, Videos

“Sticking with the Union”

and Booklet — $15.00

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Sung by Larry Penn & Darryl Holter

This fine collection of labor songs is accompanied by a well-illustrated, 32-page booklet explaining the historical connection of each song to a specific Wisconsin labor event or a labor issue affecting workers and labor unions in Wisconsin. Published 2006  


“Like Our Sisters Before Us”

Book — $5.00

This popular book with illustrations summarizes oral interviews with ten women who have played prominent roles in the Wisconsin Labor Movement. These exciting stories are based on interviews by Jamakaya for the ‘Women of Wisconsin Labor Oral History project.’ Published 1998. 94 pages


“The Bay View Tragedy”

DVD or VHS — 15 minutes — $8.00.

A stirring multimedia presentation of the story behind the 1886 massacre of seven workers and others involved in a march for the 8-hour day at the site of the Bay View Rolling Mills in Milwaukee. The video presents this important event in Wisconsin history in context, through the use of voices and photos.

An excellent video to use for instruction. Created in 1986, but still timely.


“Lessons in Labor History”

A publication of the Wis. Dept. of Public Instruction — $5.00

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, in collaboration with the State Dept. of Public Instruction, Wisconsin-AFT and WEAC, developed this comprehensive set of lesson plans and exercises, designed to meet school standards. The lesson plans are “down-to-earth” made to interest school children at various levels.

A complete historical background is included as well.


Audio CD of Frank Zeidler’s last public appearances


This limited edition CD carried the full audio of Zeidler’s discussion on Socialism at the WLHS Conference on May 13, 2006, plus his comments at Bay View Tragedy event on May 7. The appearances were Zeidler’s last public comments before his death at age 93 on July 7.

Some of the audio is marginal in quality, but is always understandable.


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Books from other sources:

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Power in Our Hands, a curriculum about the struggles of the U. S. labor movement, complete with ideas for teachers to use.  Ordering details here.

Planning to Change the World is a plan book for educators who believe their students can and will change the world. It is designed to help teachers translate their vision of a just education into concrete classroom activities.  Ordering details here.

Union Communication Services, Inc., offers a wide selection of books about labor, many of which would be useful resources for union officials, representatives and organizers as well as for teachers seeking to offer interesting topics about labor in the classroom.  Click here to view the list.