UWM student with Zeidler award

Zachary Sell, a senior at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, won the Frank P. Zeidler Scholarship for his essay, “Good Homes Make Good Workers: Migration, Housing, and the Zachary SellMaking of Black Beloit.”  He was given the  award at the WLHS annual conference in May in Neenah.

Sell commented it was an honor to receive an award named after Frank Zeidler, Milwaukee’s last Socialist mayor.  He said he had been impressed with Zeidler’s knowledge of history when he met him shortly before Zeidler death in 2006.  He noted that Zeidler said his major regret was that as mayor he had failed to address the needs of Milwaukee’s black community.

Sell received $500 for his undergraduated level study.

The funds for the awards are raised through the WLHS Legacy Fund in the Zeidler 100 funding program, in which persons are asked to pledge $15 a year.  The Award was presented by Laurie Wermter, WLHS Vice President.