WLHS is dedicated to:

  • Telling the public of the contributions of labor to Wisconsin.
  • Getting labor’s story in the schools and colleges.
  • Preserving documents and records of workers and their unions.

WLHS is supported by:

  • Membership dues, Donations.
  • Volunteers who donate time and skills.
  • Support by local unions, labor councils, other groups.

Remember labor history by honoring loved ones

Formed in 1981, the Wisconsin Labor History Society exists to continue the heritage developed by the state’s workers and union activists. What better way to remember the contributions of loved ones than to consider making a memorial donation to the Wisconsin Labor History . You may make donations in many different ways, such as by suggesting making the Society the receipt of gifts at the time of the person’s death or by establishing a memorial in the person’s name.

Donations to the Wisconsin Labor History Society are tax-deductible under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

Contact Steve Cupery, WLHS President, Wisconsin Labor History Society, 6333 W. Bluemound Rd., Milwaukee WI 53213.  414-771-0700 x20 or info@wisconsinlaborhistory.org