Become A Member in Preserving Labor History

A message from President Steve Cupery:

If you are not now a member, please join to support our work of providing students, teachers and the public with valuable information, curricular materials, education and research opportunities concerning Wisconsin labor history.  Become a member of the Wisconsin Labor History Society.

We have made it convenient to join:

  1. We have a membership application form at our website that you may print out, fill in the blanks and mail back.  Click here for form.
  2. You may use your credit or debit card (or PayPal) to pay your membership. Click here for instructions.

We can’t overstate the value that your membership provides to our organization.  As you know we are a completely volunteer organization, but it takes money to continue to carry on our work of preserving the history of workers and their unions in Wisconsin and to promote the study of that history in our schools.  All of our activities exist solely because of support from our members, whether they be individuals or local unions, labor councils or other organizations.

During this critical time facing our labor movement, we are confident that the telling of labor’s story to the public, particularly to our schoolchildren, is more important than ever.

Please help us continue our mission.  Act today!

Please consider joining us now. Check it out here.