Tell us your views on labor after 2016 election!

In our November 22, 2016 online newsletter, we provided links to a number of articles, commenting on the impact of the 2016 election, labor’s role in that election and the future for workers and their unions.

Now, it’s your turn to express your views.  We’ll accept the views of any and all as long as they are not personally offensive to any single person or groups of persons.  Of course, keep your comments to the general standards of good taste.

Otherwise you’re free to fire away.

These articles were provided in the online newsletter:

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Election.   The labor federation leader, who led labor’s effort to election Democrat Hillary Clinton announced on the day after the vote that the U.S. is a democratic nation and that the voters have spoken.  Labor must accept Trump’s election but to be vigilant as the new administration takes office.  Read More.

Think it’s tough on labor now?  Wait until Trump takes over.  A bleak assessment of what the Trump Administration plans for workers and their unions is offered in this comment by Moshe Z. Marvit, an attorney and a Century Foundation fellow.  Read More.

Some reasons why Wisconsin turned to Trump. Since 1984, voters in Wisconsin have reliably voted for Democratic candidates for President.  In 2016, in spite of all polls that showed Hillary Clinton ahead, the state voted for Trump.  The margin was a slim 27,000 votes.  WLHS President Emeritus Ken Germanson lists various reasons for the switch.  Read More.

Will  Trump’s appeal to workers lift wages?  Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank, argues that the new president must divorce itself from the Republican Party’s agenda of tax cuts and less regulation in order to fulfill his promise to improve worker’s lives.  Read more.

Labor leaders must share blame for election results.  A columnist for In These Times said organized labor’s leadership were partly responsible because of their blind support for Hillary Clinton, instead of listening to their members, many of whom support an anti-Wall Street and union-supporting populist like Bernie Sanders.  Micah Uetricht is a regular columnist for several publications and a former union organizer.  Read More.


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