1. International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139. Building Wisconsin for 100 Years: The History of the Operating Engineers – Local 139 – 1902-2002. [Pewaukee, Wis.]: International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139; 2002. 72 p.
    Notes: Illustrated with numerous black-and-white photographs, this anniversary book surveys the history of the first one hundred years of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139, the Wisconsin statewide ‘mixed’ local (meaning that the local’s jurisdiction encompasses more than just the stationary equipment). Originally founded on July 31, 1902 in Milwaukee as Local 139 of the International Union of Steam Engineers, the local was founded upon the pledge that their members “would never work for less than the agreed wage scale and above all, that they would never harm, in any manner, another Operating Engineer” (p. 1). For its first two years Local 139 ‘s jurisdiction did encompass both parts of the occupation–the stationary engineers, as well as the portable and hoisting engineers–however, in 1904 the stationary engineers were given their own charter, while Local 139 continued as the state’s ‘portable and hoisting local.’ Their international union’s name was changed in 1912 to the International Union of Steam and Operating Engineers, then in 1928 to its present name, the International Union of Operating Engineers. Section One of the book reviews the history of Local 139 decade by decade, relating that history to significant national developments, and also includes special features on some of the outstanding leaders within the local, as well as several ‘member histories’ which focus on the life and career of individual members of Local 139. The book’s Section Two covers the history of how Local 139 has dealt with the issue of training for apprentices and members, while Section Three provides “A Quick Guide to Important Events and Laws Affecting Operating Engineers in Wisconsin.” Besides its training site in Coloma, Wisconsin, Local 139 currently maintains headquarters in: Pewaukee, Wisconsin (District A); Madison, Wisconsin (District B); Altoona, Wisconsin (District C); and, Appleton, Wisconsin (District D).