“Lessons In Labor History”

“Lessons in Labor History,” a publication of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, with the cooperation of the Wisconsin Labor History Society, is now available again on line. PDF versions of the curriculum by sections is available by clicking on the desired section:

Section 1 – Preface; Table of Contents

Section 2 – Introduction

Section 3 – Performance Tasks

Section 4 – Ten Lessons: The Modern Union Movement

To assist you in finding interesting items in each of the ten lessons, please click here.  Many items shown are original, and provide insight into the lives of workers and their unions.  

Section 5 – American Labor History Time Line

Section 6 – Labor History Glossary and Resources

Section 7 – Related Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards

This curriculum also available at http://labor-studies.org. You’ll find the link at the top of the home page.