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Spring 2023 – Annual Meeting, election of officers, program on LGBTQ rights; winning high school essays; list of National History Day winners.

Winter 2022-23 – Complete report on WLHS Annual Conference on labor’s fight against union-busters

Autumn 2022 – WLHS offers prizes for student works on labor history.

Summer 2022 – Summary of Annual meeting; discussion of labor and  evironmental issues.

Spring 2022 – Read winning essays in WLHS high school contest; Latinx and labor discussed.

Winter 2021-22 – Summary of 40th Annual Conference, featuring story of Racine community-labor successes and labor’s political history in Wisconsin.

Summer 2021 – In 1980s, big business and the government began all-out war on unions, other stories

Spring 2021 – Wisconsin scholars led the way in the study of labor history.  Summary of annual meeting

Winter 2020-21 – The story of an early female railroad worker and other stories..

Autumn 2020 – Labor spies exposed by ‘Young Bob’ La Follette, other stories.

Summer 2020 – Read the stories of three who helped keep labor history alive.

Spring 2020 – Navigating Wisconsin Labor History during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Winter 2020Progressives, Populists and Socialists: How the Past Informs the Future

Winter 2019 – How Labor Can Win Again:  ‘Direct Action’ strategies of history offer promise for the future

Autumn 2019 – Act 10 damaged public unions, but some are coming back; labor essay contest winners say ‘thanks’; Rose Daitsman, long-time supporter of WLHS, dies at 98.

Autumn 2018Record voter turnout in midterms; direct action or no; Jaclyn Kelly remarks regarding women in labor; Fall of Wisconsin (Dan Kaufman) book review; WI AFL-CIO’s Phil Nuenfeldt, dead at 67.

Summer 2018 – Report of 37th Annual Conference, “Women and the Labor Movement: The Quest for Gender Equity and Lessons for the Future.”  Annelise Orleck, keynoter. Report on Bay View Tragedy.

Spring 2018New school standards to include labor history; Labor History Essay Contest Winners and winning essays.

Winter 2017-18 – 37th Annual WLHS Conference on Women and Unions; Elizabeth Jozwiak joins board; deaths:  Doris Thom, 97, gained ‘firsts’ for women workers; Manuel Salas, 76, early farmworker leader; Book Review: Legacy Costs, by Richard Hudelson.

Autumn 2017 – Attacks on education imperil labor education; Charlotte Bleistein, 102, dies, was first NLRB female field examiner.

Summer 2017 – Report on 36th Annual Conference; Winning essays shown; Report on Bay View Tragedy event.

Winter 2016-17 – Announcement of 2017 conference; Remembering the 1937 Memorial Day Massacre in Chicago.

Autumn 2016 – Book Reviews on Stephen Meyer’s book, “Masculinity on the Line,” and on Kevin Corley’s novel about Illinois Mine Wars.

Summer 2016 – Labor and Immigrant workers need each other; summary of 35th Annual Conference.

Spring 2016 – Bay View Tragedy inspires; Read winning labor history essays.

Winter 2015-16 – UW Faculty under attack; How labor history empowers workers.

Autumn 2015 – History of Wisconsin Civil Service and School for Workers is 90 years old.

Summer 2015 – Summary of historic 34th Annual WLHS Conference; report on Bay View Tragedy Commemoration

Spring 2015 – Read winning labor history essays and view National History Day projects and other news.

Winter 2014-15 – Student essayist looks at Triangle Fire and current significance; conference announcement

Autumn 2014 – Obituaries on Folksinger Larry Penn and Professor Victor Greene and other news.

Summer 2014 Newletter Archive

Summer 2014 – Full report on 33rd Annual Conference featuring review of historic UAW-Kohler strikes.

Spring 2014 – Complete text of winning high school essays

Winter 2013-2014 – The Calumet MI strike of 1913 discussed.  People’s art book reviewed

Autumn 2013 – Two book reviews and other news.

Summer 2013 – Report on 32nd Annual Conference and Bay View Tragedy

Spring 2013 – Essay contest winners announced.  Read their essays.

Winter 2012-2013 – Right-to-Work (for less) law born in racism; conference announcement

Autumn 2012 – AFL-CIO supports labor history in schools; miners of UP honored

Summer 2012 – Summaries of 31st Annual Conference and Bay View Tragedy

Spring 2012 – Winning labor history essays from high school students

Winter 2011-2012 – Black History issue features A. Philip Randolph, plus more

Autumn 2011 – Study shows labor short-changed in textbooks

Summer 2011 – Report on 30th Annual Conference, Bay View Tragedy

Spring 2011 — Gov. Walker challenges Wisconsin’s traditions

Winter 2010-2011 – “Wisconsin Idea” is 100 years old; open shop fears

October 2010 – Resources for Teaching Labor History, Story on Laurie Wermter

June 2010 – Summary of Annual Conference

April 2010 – Read the winning high school essays

Winter 2010 – Black History in Labor; History Bill Activity

Autumn 2009 Newsletter – Labor History in Schools Bill Passes

July 2009 Newsletter – Report on 2009 Conference, BV event

April 2009 Newsletter – Winning High School Essays

February 2009 Newsletter – Milwaukee City Hall, Comments

November 2008 Newsletter – Reports and News

June 2008 Newsletter – Report on 2008 Conference, Awards

March 2008 Newsletter – Winning High School Essays

Jan 2008 Newsletter – Comments and Pictures

July 2007 Newletter – Report on 2007 Conference, Awards, News

April 2007 Newsletter – Complete essays of winning HS students

January 2007 Newsletter -Correct date of 2007 Conference is Sat. Apr. 28

Summer 2006 Newsletter

Spring 2006 Newsletter – Featuring complete winning high school essays.

Winter 2005-2006 Newsletter

Summer 2005 Newsletter

April 2005 Newsletter – Featuring contest winners and their essays.

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