1. On the Line: A History of the Telephone Industry in Wisconsin. Madison, Wis.: Wisconsin State Telephone Association; 1985. 131 p. Notes: Published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Wisconsin State Telephone Association, this book is included here because of the reference value of its histories of 96 individual Wisconsin telephone companies, including at least seven telephone cooperatives, from their earliest days up to 1985; details are also provided for the handful of networks through the year which were formed by the Wisconsin telephone companies and cooperatives, including one network itself formed as a cooperative, the Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association.
  1. Carideo, Tony. “Catherine Conroy: Unionist and Feminist”. IN: Holter, Darryl. Workers and Unions in Wisconsin: A Labor History Anthology. Madison, Wis.: State Historical Society of Wisconsin; 1999; pp. 232-233. Notes: A biographical piece about this pioneering Wisconsin woman, a longtime staff representative for the Communications Workers of America (C.W.A.) and the first woman to serve on the governing board of the Wisconsin Federation of Labor.