Rice, Mary Kellogg. Useful Work for Unskilled Women: A Unique Milwaukee WPA Project. Supported by the Leslie T. Bruhnke Fund, Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the Milwaukee Idea Fund University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeMilwaukee, Wis.: Milwaukee County Historical Society; 2003. 136 p.

Notes: Documents the life and scope of the Milwaukee Works Progress Administration (WPA) Handicraft Project, which at one time provided employment for a high of thirteen hundred fifty employees and ran for seven years beginning in the summer of 1935 and ending in February 1943. The project’s local sponsor was the Milwaukee State Teachers College; a member of their faculty, Elsa Ulbricht, served as the director of the Handicraft Project. Well-illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs, all areas included in the project are covered, including: woodworking of both toys and furniture; doll making; design and production of theater costumes; bookbinding; textile printing; weaving; and, rug making.

Reviewed: Kersten, Andrew (reviewer). Voyageur , v. 21, no. 2 (Winter/Spring 2005), p. 64.