1. Beck, Elmer A. The Sewer Socialists: A History of the Socialist Party of Wisconsin, 1897-1940. Fennimore, Wis.: Westburg Associates ; 1982. 2 v.
  2. Wilke, Raymond G. “Selected Speeches of Frank P. Zeidler”; 1962.
    Notes: M. S. thesis, University of Wisconsin, 1962. 174 leaves. Cited in Anderson, Byron, ed., A Bibliography of Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations on Milwaukee Topics, p. 100.

    Provides a rhetorical analysis of sixteen speeches given by former Milwaukee (Wisconsin) mayor, Frank P. Zeidler, the most recently-elected Socialist to win that position (in office, 1948-1960); the discussion explores Zeidler’s speeches given in his role as spokesman for the Socialist Party, as spokesman for the City of Milwaukee, as spokesman for municipal improvement and as spokesman for civil defense.

    The text of the speeches analyzed is provided in the thesis and includes the following speeches in the sections as indicated:
    [as spokesman for the Socialist Party]: “The Spirit of American Socialism,” July 22, 1952; Keynote Address to the National Convention of the Socialist Party, June 8, 1956. — [as spokesman for the City of Milwaukee]: Inaugural Address, April 20, 1948; Message to the Milwaukee Common Council, April 17, 1951; Message to the Milwaukee Common Council, April 19, 1955; Memorial Day Address, May 30, 1959; Greeting to Conference of the Civil Service Assembly, May 28, 1956; Speech to the Wisconsin CIO-AFL, July 24, 1958; Speech to the Knights of Pythias, Wisconsin Domain, August 4, 1958; Official Greeting to Guardian Council of Job’s Daughters, May 17, 1957; On the Occasion of 111th Birthday Anniversary of the City of Milwaukee, January 31, 1957; 1952 Mayoral Campaign Address, March 12, 1952; Televised Campaign Speech, March 4, 1956. — [as spokesman for Municipal Improvement]: “Don’t Fence Me In,” October 8, 1952; “Build Cities to Build Men,” June 13, 1957. — [as spokesman for Civil Defense]: “The Challenge to Effective Service During This Fifth Decade,” January 18, 1956.

    Also includes an appendix containing a copy of the sixteen-page pamphlet, Continue Progress in Good Government: A Chart for Better Government in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, prepared by the Public Enterprise Committee of Milwaukee County, December, 1955.

  3.  Zeidler, Frank P. Socialism in Milwaukee and America–Discussion with Frank P. Zeidler, Former Milwaukee Mayor: [remarks at the] Wisconsin Labor History Society, 25th Annual Conference, May 13, 2006, Turner Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (72 minutes); Frank Zeidler Remarks at [the] Bay View Tragedy Commemoration, May 7, 2006, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (6 minutes) ; with moderator, Aims McGuinness for the remarks at the Wisconsin Labor History Society meeting. [Milwaukee, Wis.] : Wisconsin Labor History Society; 2006 78 mins.).

    Notes: This compact disc contains what are believed to be the last two public appearances of Frank P. Zeidler, the Socialist most recently elected to be mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (serving from 1948-1960).

    N.B. Zeidler’s name is misspelled (as “Ziedler”) in both places where it appears on the compact disc; also, the word commemoration is misspelled on the compact disc (as “commeration”).